Cat owner says she TMs a savior not a hoarder

Sandra Sosa

Sandra Sosa opened her heart, her home and her wallet to 50 cats.

"I didn't have children I had my cats,"

Now more than half of them are dead after getting trapped in her home when the kitchen caught fire.

"That really hurt me."

Sandra is devastated. She isn't even thinking about the damage to her home right now she's trying to process the images of her beloved cats being removed from her home on Trinity Street.

"I loved them so much like if they were my kids."

Alamo Fire Chief Rolando Espinoza says Sandra's elderly father was able to make it out unscathed, but the 50 or so cats inside could'nt find a way out.

"We had a lot of cats all over the house in the restrooms and bedrooms." Sandra says her cats feared people and would hide. That's where she found many of them that the firefighters didn't. A handful were still alive and so was a puppy cowering in her restroom.

Sandra doesn't consider herself a hoarder but rather a lover of animals who couldn't turn one away, especially the stray, injured or abandoned.

"Little by little I started with one cat and she started having babies and i wasn't going to let them just die. I had to take care of them."

She broke down in tears as she placed 5 small bodies into a bag and then loaded the surviving cats into her car to head to the veterinarian still concerned that more are hiding inside.

"You never had complaints from neighbors or anything like that? No they were inside."

Regardless of what people may think of the way she lived, Sandra says she wouldn't have changed it one bit.

"I love my pets."

There were no citations issued.

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