Catholic school offering scholarships in Brownsville

Nothing these days is free, especially not a private school education.

However, one Brownsville middle school is doing just that - offering dozens of students a top of the class Catholic education.

Guadalupe Regional Middle School in Brownsville is a Catholic school that has been awarding full scholarships - equivalent to $7,000 per school year - to low income children for the past nine years.

The school is the only one of it's kind in Texas and just one of about 65 nationwide.

The school TMs operating budget is about $650,000 per year and directors rely on donations, grants, congregations and fundraisers to keep it going.

President of the school Michael Motyl said the school offers a quality Catholic education to underprivileged children who otherwise might not have the same opportunities for educational success.

"We believe that all students should have the opportunity and access to receive a good quality Catholic education, Motyl said. Just because of the neighborhood they live in, or their economic situation, they shouldn TMt be deprived of that opportunity." Alejandra Rodriguez, a seventh grader at the school, followed in her sisters footsteps in attending the school.

"I figured coming to this school would like help me decide for my future and I would get more um support from the teachers and staff," Rodriguez said.

However, just because the education is tuition-free - it's no easy ride.

Students attend class from 7 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. because Motyl said this teaches them about the real world work environment and responsibilities.

The school is looking 34 sixth-grade applicants for the 2011-2012 school year.

To find out more on how your child can apply to the school you can call (956) 504-5568 or you can visit the school located at 1214 E. Lincoln St.