CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Teacher speeding 85+mph with students in vehicle

Cell phone video from a passenger in a big rig reportedly shows a driver in a Mercedes Independent School District vehicle, with a logo on the side, excessively speeding on a Texas highway with kids inside.

"We noticed the sign because he [co-worker] used to go to Mercedes and I have nephews that attend Mercedes," a woman, who did not want to be identified, said.

Her reason for recording the alleged speeding was out of concern for the students TM safety, according to the woman we'll call Jane.

"My concern is that she's carrying someone else's children," Jane said. "At this rate of speed, having a blowout in any vehicle there's no way you can control it."

Jane also records her driver's speedometer at the time of the incident.

It shows speeds in excess of 85 miles per hour while heading south on Highway 77 between Sagitta and Raymondville.

The posted speed limit is 75 miles per hour.

"We top speeds at 85 to 90 miles per hour to catch up to her," Jane said.

Action 4's Ryan Wolf takes the trucker's concerns straight to the Mercedes ISD.

Superintendent Dr. Daniel Trevino, Jr. did not want to view the video and couldn't say what disciplinary measures, if any, have taken place.

He did agree to an on camera interview to outline the responsibility a driver has behind the wheel of any district vehicle.

"We try to impose when students are in the vehicles to treat them as if they were one of their own," the superintendent said.

He confirms vehicle #17 was returning from an overnight Academic UIL event last Friday near San Antonio.

There were 3 high school students and two adult sponsors in the vehicle, according to Dr. Trevino.

He says a female teacher was behind the wheel.

"It's a very serious accusation so we take it to point to come in here and research the case," he told Ryan. "I do know the driver mentioned that at all times she was conscientious of the speed limit and the road laws and the laws of this state."

The video tells a different story.

And the trucker behind the recording says she would never allow her children in a vehicle at those excessive speeds.

"Are you crazy!" she said. "Honestly, I wouldn't trust this lady driving my kids anywhere at that rate of speed."

The superintendent says a sponsor can check out a Suburban for events after they show proof of insurance and a valid driver's license.

When asked if the teacher in question would be permitted to drive a school vehicle again, Dr. Trevino said this reported incident would be taken into consideration.

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