Caught on Tape - McAllen family hopes to identify man who 'keyed' luxury car, truck

Dan Garza said the man who he caught on camera vandalizing two of his family's vehicles appeared to take great pleasure in causing so much damage.

"When he just takes that arm of his with so much cheerfulness and goes like that, " said Garza. He's giving a message to the public... I like what I TMm doing, and I TMm going to do it again.

Dan's McAllen home is equipped with motion-censor surveillance cameras.

The one above his garage was activated in the early morning hours on March 25th.

The so-called slasher casually walked from a neighbor's home across the street where Dan said a party was taking place.

The male suspect appeared to use a key to first scratch into Dan's wife's new Mercedes Benz in the driveway, and then he turned his attention to Dan's 2008 Dodge truck on the street.

The total cost of damages is near $3,000, according to Dan.

Their car insurance only covers about a $1,000 after a deductible.

"I'm just disgusted at the arrogance of this creepy crawler that came in under the cover of darkness and invaded our property and damaged our vehicles," said Garza.

His wife TMs Mercedes has been repaired; however, the $1,200 worth of scratches on Dan TMs Dodge truck has not.

His deductible is $1,250.

Dan says he TMs forced to see the scratches everyday.

"It TMs a horrible reminder, said Garza. I'm embarrassed to drive it."

And frustrated to see no arrest in the case.

Dan's watched the surveillance video nearly a thousand times and says he TMs given police a copy.

The investigator told him the case may go cold.

He said not everyone from the party across the street have been willing to help police ID the suspect.

That TMs why he TMs turning to Action 4 News for help.

He hopes viewers can help get the suspect behind bars before he strikes again. "I really don't want this to happen again to us or anyone else." said Garza.

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