Caught on tape stealing laptops from Weslaco WalMart

Weslaco police said Guadalupe Rodriguez stole laptop computers from the local WalMart

Authorities have identified a man accused of being caught on tape stealing laptop computers from a WalMart store in Weslaco.

Guadalupe Rodriguez surrendered to Weslaco police for a Class A misdemeanor theft charge on Saturday.

Investigators told Action 4 News that the 24-year-old man stole the computers back on February 11 and 12th.

Police said store security cameras caught Rodriguez in the act.

Investigators released surveillance video of the theft prompting an anonymous tip, which led to Rodriguez.

Under Texas State law, Class A misdemeanor theft is considered stealing between $500 $1,500 dollars.

Rodriguez appeared before a Weslaco municipal judge where he was given a $1,500 dollar bond.