Cause of Olmito house fire undetermined

Fire and smoke ripped through Isabel Enriquez's home in Olmito on Saturday.

The kitchen caught the most damage, leaving behind a charred stove, cabinets and kitchen utensils.

The ferocity of the flames, coupled with weight from water used to put them out, caused the home's roof to collapse.

"I just came from the flea market at 12:05, noon, and the house was already burning, Enriquez said. The fire department, everybody was here."

Rodriguez lived at the home on the 6600 block of Pino Verde Road, along with her young son and mother.

She was at the flea market when the fire sparked.

For her, the destruction is devastating.

"It TMs a total loss and the only thing I could save was just a couple of things for me and my son, she said.

Brownsville Fire Chief Lenny Perez said they responded to the fire just past noon, and that it is too early to tell what caused it.

Chief Perez says investigators will return to the home on Monday to look into what may have caused the fire.

For now, Enriquez and her family must find a temporary place to live, as they sift through the wreckage, looking for anything they can save.

"If they can help me in the meantime, that I could get a place to stay or something, anything can help," she pleaded.

If anyone would like to help the family, they can email Action 4 News at