CBP officer shoots night club owner

For Landy Valdez who works at Pepe's restaurant on Conway near 2 and 3/4 mile, her morning commute was a different one.

"I saw all the commotion, the sheriff, the trucks and everybody," said Valdez.

She stumbled on a crime scene.

"I was kind of scared because I didn't know what was going on," said Valdez.

What was happening was a murder investigation by the Hidalgo County Sheriff's Office at Punto 3 Night Club, the next building down from Pepe's.

"I haven't even heard anything like that before, and I kind of got scared," said Valdez.

Sheriff Lupe Trevino said around 1:30 Monday morning, the owner of Punto 3, Fermin Limon, was found lying next to a black car, allegedly shot by an off duty CBP officer.

Sheriff Trevino said it all started with an argument between the agent's brother and a group of men.

"The CBP agent who was off duty went to help," said Trevino.

He said the bouncers and the owner took them outside, and they were asked to leave, but Sheriff Trevino said the fighting continued.

That's when the CBP officer ran to his truck, took out a handgun issued to him by CBP and shot Limon in the chest and leg.

Sheriff Trevino said Limon then dragged himself behind a black car to take cover.

"He was taken to a nearby hospital by family members and there declared dead," said Trevino.

But before that, Trevino said Limon handed a gun he was carrying to another person.

The sheriff's office is investigating the identity of that person.

Meanwhile, the off duty CBP officer who spent his days working at the Hidalgo--Reynosa port of entry, now sits behind bars facing possible murder charges.