CBP unveil new marine interceptor

The next generation of interceptor vessels is the latest technology available for U.S. Customs and Border Protection Agents.

On Monday, customs agents invited Action 4 News to come along for a test drive.

Air and marine personnel were on site as we rode along on the half a million dollar investment.

With speed's of up to 75 miles an hour, the test drive became more like a roller coaster ride.

And along with impressive speeds, the 43 foot Marine Interceptor also carries the latest technology, equipment and functionality.

The vessel is also loaded with a fully integrated infrared sensors and high tech survellance cameras that could be used as evidence during prosecutions.

All these improvements are major upgrades from current fleet vessel models that would help keep them protected.

The series of test drives are to ensure that CBP's future vessels meet current and future operational requirements.

Agents will then complete detailed evaluations of this new high tech boat. Once that's done, they'll begin specifications as to what may need some tweaking for the final product.

CBP will continue with testing of the latest vessel until October.