CDC recommends Spring Breakers get vaccinated

Spring breakers just want to have fun.

We got here last night at 11, and we partied until like six in the morning! said Tyler Coreas from Texas Tech.

The H1N1 flu isn TMt something they TMre thinking of.

That didn TMt even cross my mind! said Cynthia Martinez of El Paso.

I TMd say that TMs the farthest thing from my mind right now, said Calvin Ullrich.

But the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have a message for Spring Breakers"get vaccinated!

The CDC said although the flu has decreased, it TMs still out there and could very well affect their time off from school.

I TMm not even worried about sickness, said Coreas. Just take a vitamin and you TMre good to go.

The CDC said it TMs important spring breakers get vaccinated.

Mainly because a large number of students travel both domestically and internationally, and that interaction can lead to the flu.

Doctor Brian Smith with the Texas Department of State Health Services said that TMs not the only reason.

If they don TMt have a proper diet, they TMre more likely to get sick, said Smith.

The CDC said flu activity is difficult to predict, but they expect it to continue for weeks.

I TMve already had it, so I TMm not scared, said Samantha Garcia from Sharyland High School. It TMs gone through my system, so I TMm okay.

For now, vaccination remains the best way to prevent the virus.

It TMs still in the community and people still need to get vaccinated, said Smith.

And while the next wave of H1N1 remains to be seen, one thing is for sure. Even the thought of a flu won TMt stop these spring breakers from having a good time.