Celebrity status for Edcouch's Rocky The Beaver?

The hunt for a beaver in Edcouch keeps on turning-up empty handed.

Rocky seems to know what he's doing by outsmarting city crews who just want their canal to drain properly.

"Catch him for me please," said Edcouch Public Works Director David Alaniz.

As of Tuesday, there was still no sign of Rocky the Beaver other than some mischievous paw prints in the mud.

He's becoming a household name across the Rio Grande Valley.

Alaniz has the job of evicting the little rascal.

"A lot of jokes. We come to Johnny's True Value. We go to Leroy's Burgers and the owners go ~have you caught Rocky? We've seen him. He was here buying some tools or he came over here and had a burger," said Alaniz.

By the looks of things, Rocky was at the local watering hole too.

A bar stool was spotted in the canal with teeth marks on it, as part of the busy beaver's dam.

It now sits in city hall as a conversation piece.

"Maybe he's a female. If he's a female I'm going to name her Maggie. That's going to be her name," said Alaniz.

Talking about the critter seems to be all they can do.

Crews have tried putting up a fence but that didn't work.

They carry around a cage hoping to trap it.

One thing is for sure, his habitat may be threatened but Rocky's status as a local celebrity is safe.

"Make some T-shirts. Rocky is rocking' in Edcouch,"

On Monday city crews used pumps to remove the water from the part of the canal where Rocky calls home, in hopes that he'll hit the road.

So far that's not working either.

He has already cost the city about $1,000 dollars.

Authorities plan to relocate Rocky to the Gladys Porter Zoo in Brownsville.

In the meantime, Rio Grande Valley schoolchildren have created art work as a tribute to Rocky The Beaver.

One anonymous person even created a Rocky The Beaver account on Twitter.

Another person even created a Facebook group for Rocky.