Cell phone bandit on the run

Suspect caught on tape

Police are looking for a suspect who stole two cell phones from a Cricket Wireless store in Brownsville.

The business owner told Action 4 News the suspect had no weapon, but managed to take two new, high priced phones.

The suspect came into the store asking to see some phones he wanted to buy for his daughter.

When the clerk turned around to check a price, the man calmly grabbed the phones and walked out.

Luckily for the business owner it was all caught on camera.

Three security cameras captured the man from different angles at the Cricket wireless store on the 2900 block on Central Boulevard.

Business owner Juan Mendez said the man stole two HTC phones.

The female employee seen in the video helping the man told Action 4 News, the man did not seem threatening and told her he was looking for a phone for his daughter.

She said it took just seconds for her to turn around to grab a calculator, but the man was already out the door with the phones in hand.

Mendez said he hopes the images will help capture the suspect.

"We're talking to all the neighbors and they're getting involved to see if something happens, Mendez said. The other people around here will be able to react also. I think it's a safe place it's just one of those random things where someone saw the opportunity to take something and they took it.

Mendez has been in business for three years.

He said although there was a break in before, this is the first time merchandise was stolen from his store.

The total value of the phones is about $1,000.

The suspect was last seen running down Media Luna Drive.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Brownsville Crime Stoppers at 546-TIPS.

According to witnesses, the suspect has tattoos on his neck and head and was last seen wearing a striped shirt and jeans.

One of the HTC phones is red and the other is white.