Cemetery headstones being torn down

Santo Nombre Cemetery, Santa Rosa

A Santa Rosa woman is pleading with a church to leave the tombstones at a local cemetery untouched.

The one she built for her uncle is apparently not in compliance and will be torn down.

The Santa Rosa woman said that many people are not aware that they were not in compliance when they built the headstones.

According to Santo Nombre Cemetery, guidelines say a cemetery lot shall not measure more than 36 x 12.

Blanca Barboza said she found out they were tearing down the headstones by a post in the St. Mary's Catholic Church weekly newsletter.

The church is currently in care of the cemetery.

Barboza claims the owners of the plots should have at least been warned via mail.

She claims no one from the church has notified all the plot owners.

The plot for her uncle Isais Cabrera cost her about $500 to build.

She said no one should have to go through what she TMs experiencing.

When Barboza was a child she didn't speak but her uncle pushed her to overcome her obstacles.

"Due to that and he pushed me by asking the lord for my voice and this is the reason why I did this in memory of him and I want to keep it," Barboza said

She visits and cleans the plot once a week.

Soon the cement and tile boxed headstone will be torn down.

"It's not going to be the same and if it TMs possible I want to take him out. If they will allow me to take him out I will put him somewhere else," Barboza said.

Barboza took pictures of over 80 plots that are tall and have elaborate headstones.

According to Barboza, St. Mary's church is claiming they will tear everything down to beautify the cemetery.

It's not the money spent that had Barboza calling Action 4 News but the thought that the man-made shrine to her uncle will no longer exist.

"I don TMt want it to be brought down. I don TMt want nobody to be touched|it TMs been here since the 40's. Let it be; let these people rest in peace," she added.

Action 4 news did try to contact Father San Juan Pablo with St. Mary's Catholic church but he was not available.

Brenda Riojas with the Brownsville Diocese said the changes would only impact the people who were buried after the year 2000.

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