Champ rescued from euthanization by a Group out of New York

After weeks of sitting in quarantine, a pitbull named Champ, is set free.

"We're rescuing champ," said representatives from the Laguna Madre Humane Society.

The 4 year old dog had been punched in the face by his owner when Champ tried to protect another dog in his home that was getting hit for making a mess.

He faced possible euthanization until a non profit animal rights group called the Lexus Group out of New York jumped in to save Champ, offering to pay whatever it takes to make sure the pup never has to suffer again.

"We consider him the ultimate victim regardless of whether his owner was abusing him or not, he wound up in jail."

Christiana Dijkman is Champ's attorney on behalf of the Lexus Group and has fought hard to get him out of the Harlingen Humane Society, even though she says they've done a good job at taking care of him, it's still not a home.

"The fact that the dog is suffering for something a human did is not fair. In the court system someone who can't speak for themself like a child gets a guardian, the same goes for animals, and that's what we've done here."

They are placing champ into a home now, but it's not exactly what they had planned when they came to pick him up.

"The owner decided he didn't want to relinquish his rights to champ just yet so we're hoping that he will."

All parties did decide until the final hearing that champ should not spend one more night alone so he's going into a foster home until the matter is resolved.

"We have a soft spot for pitbulls because they are so unjustly blamed for so much."

This pitbull is no longer taking the blame and instead being treated like a Champ.

"He needs a chance and that's what we're giving him."