Charro Days Mark Return for Ill Man

Charro Days took on a very special meaning for a Brownsville man suffering from kidney failure.

Mauricio Soto has worked for the City of Brownsville Department of Traffic for numerous years.

But due to his illness, he had been off the job since late November.

But thanks to a new dialysis treatment that has changed for Soto.

"They told me about this option where you can do it at night," he said.

By taking the treatment at night, and in his home, Soto is able to work during the day: something many people take for granted, but he does not.

He told Action 4 News he really enjoys working with people and is excited to be back at work.

"We're really tied up right now with Charro Days," he said. "We have so many streets to barricade."

But he is not the only one happy about going back to work.

Soto's boss, Robert Esparza, told Action 4 News he is very glad that he is back and able to help out with Charro Days.

"Everything would've been done, but without him it would've been much tougher," he said, adding that Soto is one of his most experienced and dedicated workers.

Soto said he is very happy with is treatment, and encourages others suffering from his condition to consider the option of doing the dialysis from their own home, at night.