Cheer coach fights allegations of sexual assault

Andrew Gonzales, 24, is a coach at Elite Cheer in Harlingen.

He TMs also accused of sexually assaulting a teen.

Gonzales was arrested by Harlingen Police and charged with one count of aggravated assault of a child, for allegedly texting pictures of nude women to the boy and then performing oral sex on the then 16-year-old.

But Gonzales TM attorney, Rene Oliveira, is questioning the validity of the teen TMs allegations and motives.

"We think it is a wrongful arrest, Oliveira said. I believe Andrew Gonzales is completely innocent."

Oliveira tells Action 4 News that the alleged victim has resorted to false accusations of sexual assault in the past.

Oliveira said the teen " now 17 - is making these allegations against Gonzales to hurt the organization he works for, Elite Cheer, which is a direct competitor of the cheer club where the teen is a student - South Texas Xtreme Cheer.

"This particular individual has threatened to close down Elite gym, Oliveira said. He has threatened to harm (them) in various ways. Why he would go as far as to making such a serious allegation - is very troubling."

According to police, the alleged sexual assault happened at the teen TMs home in Harlingen, sometime between July and August of 2011.

Court records state that Gonzales pulled down the boy's pants and began performing oral sex on him.

The records also state that Gonzales allegedly then stormed-off when the teen was not aroused.

However, Oliveira said these allegations will be proven false and Gonzales' name will be cleared.

"He's worked with young people for many, many years and there's never been any problems what so ever, Oliveira said. He is shocked offended and very angry about these false allegations."

Action 4 also spoke to owner of South Texas Xtreme Cheer Scott Kimok.

He said the idea that he or his staff would force any child to make such serious allegations is false, absurd and ridiculous.

He adds that his organization has nothing to do with this case.