Chewed and reused Styrofoam cups prompts health scare at daycare

Styrofoam cups being used at a day care

Delca TMs Daycare on 109 South Bernal in Brownsville is forced to change the way it serves drinks to children.

That TMs because a health inspector caught the business reusing Styrofoam cups for kids.

Photos obtained by the Food Patrol showed the cups in question stacked on top of each other with names written on them.

Some cups showed signs of teeth marks around the rims.

An inspector listed it as a cross-contamination violation and ordered the business to immediately discard the cups.

There were a total of 38 demerits on the health report.

The Food Patrol questioned staff about the dirty conditions.

Did you know it was a health hazard, Action 4 TMs Ryan Wolf asked.

We didn TMt know about that, a kitchen staffer said.

What did the inspector tell you? Ryan asked.

Throw them away.

The daycare showed the Food Patrol new plastic cups in use.

Management said they will never reuse Styrofoam cups again.

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Weekly Low Performer List: (total # of demerits)

BrownsvilleDelca TMs Daycare 109 S Bernal (38) *Reusing Chewed Styrofoam Cups*

San BenitoEl Taco Jardin 101 Biddle (47, 3) *Expired Shrimp, Cross Contamination of Foods*McDonald TMs 821 S Sam Houston (10) *Roaches*

PharrRed Roof Inn 4401 N Cage (7) *Roaches*

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