Chief deputy constable stripped of power, accused of hazing female reserves

A chief deputy constable in the Delta area has been stripped of power over his deputies at the precinct 5 Hidalgo County constable's office.

Felix Ramos is accused of hazing female reserve deputies, according to Constable Daniel Marichalar.

The demoted deputy has worked at the office which serves Edcouch, Elsa, and La Villa for the last 7 years.

Constable Marichalar confirms the action has been taken against Ramos pending the results of a county investigation.

He says two female reserve deputies turned to the county's safety division to file complaints earlier this week.

The hazing allegations stem from back in May.

The female reserves claim Ramos made them do additional physical exercise, like push-ups, that male reserves did not have to do.

A meeting is expected to take place on Thursday with county leaders to decide a final course of action in the case.

Constable Marichalar says he does not believe the hazing took place and wants the public to know his office continues to stand for integrity and safety in the community.

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