Chihuahua found alive in burned ruins of Harlingen home

A home in Western Cameron County catches fire causing thousands of dollars in damage.

Fire investigators told Action 4 News a pump connected to the swimming pool caught fire adding flames leaped onto a canopy and onto the house located at the intersection of Bass Boulevard and Wilson.

Everything on the back patio was damaged including the roof, two main bedrooms.

When the homeowner arrived his primary concern was their family pet, a Chihuahua, they have had for 15 years.

Santa Rosa firemen search the home more than 30 minutes after the flames were out, and finally found the beloved pet seeking shelter in the restroom.

The homeowner was very excited they found his pet alive.

The entire home suffered smoke damage.

Harlingen and Santa Rosa Fire Department both quickly responded to the fire saving portions of the home.

Luckily, the homeowners do have insurance.

He told Action 4 News he lost valuables, but he's lucky is family was not hurt.