Chihuahua in need of medical help

Cristina Canales considers her pet Chihuahua her baby.

It was Wednesday when Canales TMs little Tiny stepped out for his daily walk, when after 20 minutes she started to worry.

Canales said that when Tiny came back, it's almost like the pain a mother would endure when she saw blood all over Tinys little face.

Canales said " I saw a big pit bull and blood all over Tiny's face and his eye was all sticking out and stuff."

Canales said Tinys eye was popping out and just seeing him like that makes her cry.

Canales has had her best friend for 5 years, since he was a baby, she doesn TMt' t think anyone would have hurt Tiny.

Canales said Tiny is a very good dog, brave and with a spunky personality but now, that has changed...she thinks he may have eye damage.

"When I put my hand like this, like he really doesn TMt pay attention but when I do the other side, he will turn, so I don TMt know, because of the discoloration , I don TMt know if he can see from that eye anymore "

Canales said that she knows Tiny needs pet care and she plans to borrow money from family.

The bill for surgery can range up to $600.00.