Child abuse expert speaks about Harlingen baby's death

After fighting for his life for a total four days, the 11-month-old is now dead.

Police say his mother is allegedly to blame for the traumatic physical abuse, while her boyfriend stood by and did nothing about it.

Barbara Bravo and Jesus Gonzalez lived on the 1000 block of east Adams Street in Harlingen.

But it wasn't a home that safely kept Bravo's baby boy.

Instead, police say the baby was reportedly kicked, slapped, bruised, and thrown to the ground.

"I would sit here at night sometimes and I can hear them yelling at the kids really bad, said neighbor Eliah Mendez. I would get so mad. I would want to go in there and tell them off, you know. You don't talk to your kids like that."

Police and paramedics rushed to the couple's home Monday evening.

Court records show that the baby was found badly bruised and scratched, and was rushed to the hospital when he also suffered a seizure and a heart attack.

The baby stayed in critical condition for a total of four days, but unfortunately, he could not sustain his injuries and died on Friday night.

Action 4 news spoke with Oralia Jaure with the Family Crisis Center.

She says parents often get frustrated with their children, but need to seek help if the situation causes physical harm towards the kids.

"Being a parent is not an easy job, Jaure said. But instead of striking out at the child, the best thing to do is to let the child cry for a little while. Parents need to talk to each other, they need to communicate, they need to get outside help instead of taking it out on their children."

Police are blaming Bravo for inflicting the abuse on the child, but also say that Gonzalez knew about the abuse, but failed to stop it.

Bravo and Gonzalez remain locked up under felony injury to a child charges and a $500,000 bond.

Police are currently in the process of working on upgrading the charges through the district attorney's office.

We will keep you posted on funeral arrangements for the child.