Child attacked by Rottweiler recovering

More than 4.7 million people are reported victims of dog bites each year.

Today a 6-year-old from Edcouch is recovering after being attacked by the family's Rottweiler.

The boy's mother said he did have to undergo small surgery to reattach a small piece in the back of his head and received a bite to his left shoulder.

She said she's thankful her son is doing just fine and is leaving the hospital today.

The Rottweiler that bit the 6-year-old boy sits in quarantine.

She said it was an accident and at no time, did the family leave the child with the dog alone.

The Education Program Director for the Palm Valley Animal Center, Brenda Torres, said dogs can sometimes bite if they are not socialized.

"They are companion animals; they shouldn't be isolated outside, all this will prevent and can prevent isolated incidents," Torres said.

She said they TMve had the vaccinated Rottweiler since he was a puppy and thinks he might have got confused because it was dark outside.

The father was outside with the boy when he was playing and as soon as he heard his son cry he ran to his aid..receiving small bites to his arm.

Brenda said children should be watched carefully when around dogs.

As parents and as pet owners, we need to have our children safe and secure while we feed our animals, I know that sometimes we want to teach our kids responsibility, but there are consequences at times when it TMs such an enormous animal, Torres said.

Brenda said socialization and obedience is key when caring for a dog.

She said dogs are pack animals and should live inside with their families rather than being isolated outside.

"As pet guardians, we need to socialize our animals, if we know that our pets are aggressive or timid there needs to be obedience training provided for these animals," Torres said.

A couple of quick tips:

You should not play "attack games with your dogDo not tease petsSubstitute toys for handsNever attempt to break up a dog fight with your hands.Try spraying with waterPlace something between you and an aggressive dog if possible

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