Child beaten over unclean room

Melissa Gonzalez // Cameron County Sheriff Department

Authorities arrested Melissa Gonzalez after she allegedly beat her daughter for not cleaning her room.

According to the Cameron County Sheriff TMs Department, an officer was called to a Los Fresnos elementary school after the daughter made an outcry to a counselor.

The child told the counselor that her mother hit her Friday, September 20th.

According to the officer, the child said that Gonzalez slapped her for not cleaning her room.

Gonzalez allegedly threw objects at her daughter.

The daughter attempted to protect herself by taking cover with her arms.

According to officials, the child was left with three inch scratches on her face and bruises on both elbows.

Gonzalez admitted she hit her daughter after she misbehaved due to lack of medication.

Authorities arrested the 30-year-old mother for injury of a child.

A bond of $7,500 was set for Gonzalez.