Child claims Border Patrol agent fondled her

Fort Brown Station in Brownsville

Jason Edward Gamboa, 29, faces serious allegations. Cameron County Sheriff Omar Lucio, explained the graphic nature, Thursday during a news conference.

"With his finger, (Gamboa) played around with her private parts," Lucio said.

Sheriff deputies arrested the U.S. Border Patrol agent on Wednesday, and charged him with aggravated sexual assault of a child.

His alleged 9-year-old female victim, Lucio said, claims Gamboa sexually touched her and forced her to touch his private parts as well. The sheriff said the crime took place inside a home at the Summer Hill subdivision in Olmito, earlier this week.

Deputies said Gamboa has been an agent for the last 4 years. Border Patrol officials confirmed the arrest, but would not comment further.

"Any time you become a law enforcement officer, any time you put on a badge, you represent the entire population, Lucio said. And as an officer, you should be held to a very high standard."

Deputies said Gamboa confessed to being so intoxicated, that he didn't know what happened when he allegedly assaulted the girl.

"It's unfortunate that (this) occurs - it really is, Lucio said. You ruin several lives - the life of the child, the life of the individual (and the families TM lives)."

Reaction to news of the Border Patrol agent TMs arrest disappointed some community members. They said Gamboa was a person who pledged to serve and protect the community.

"This affects the little girl a lot, Minerva Ochoa said. It's something she'll never forget. If he's guilty, he needs to pay.

Sexto Flores, another Cameron County resident, said Gamboa deserves his day in court. However, he said that with such serious allegations, it would be no surprise if the agent's career is over.

They're supposed to (be held to a higher standard) because they're supposed to protect the community - the people," Flores said.