Child endangerment suspect: Come on, it TMs just a little bit of weed

Delia Boykin // Hidalgo County Jail

A woman arrested on two counts of child endangerment is accused of letting two children ride their bikes near an expressway while she was high.

A police officer was driving with his window down when he smelled marijuana.

That TMs when the officer allegedly found Delia Boykin trying to conceal marijuana in her hand before saying, Okay sir, come on, it TMs just a little bit of weed, according to an offense report.

Boykin was taking care of a 10-year-old and an 8-year-old who were seen playing feet away from passing cars near a busy expressway with a lot of traffic, police documented.

Authorities saw them peek their heads over the cement barrier near the ramp on Bicentennial Boulevard in McAllen.

Boykin told authorities the childrens' mother was at work, and she was taking care of the girls.

Police documented the woman was under the influence.

The incident happened on the 1500 block of South Bicentennial in McAllen on July 11, 2014 around 12:32 in the afternoon.

The girls TM mother was advised about the incident, and she took custody of both girls.

Boykin was booked at the Hidalgo County Jail and child protective service was notified.