Child immigrants to be taken to Dallas County shelter

Child immigrants are expected to be taken to Dallas County // File Photo

More than 1,000 undocumented immigrants being housed in McAllen will soon be moved to Dallas County.

The county judge, Clay Jenkins, made the announcement on Saturday.

No other city or county has volunteered to help house the growing number of unaccompanied immigrant kids, Jenkins said.

He added the unaccompanied immigrant children will be transported from a McAllen facility to a shelter in Dallas County by the end of next month.

Jenkins said the federal government will pay for all transportation and housing costs.

Tuesday, Jenkins is expected to arrive in McAllen to a facility.

Immigrants are expected to be kept in Dallas County for at least three weeks, and then placed with relatives across the United States.

Jenkins said immigration politics aside, Dallas County wants to help children who are "scared and trapped in not good conditions on the border."