Children left in hotel room with alcohol and drugs

Harlingen Police Department: Isidro Ismael Guajardo

A Harlingen man was arrested after he left a 5-year-old and 23-month-old alone on a second floor hotel room.

Not only were the kids left alone, but according to police, there were alcoholic beverages and narcotics with them in the room.

Police found the children after a call to report came into the department. They were able to establish that they had been left alone by Isidro Ismael Guajardo.

Hours before, Guajardo had been stopped by police on Tyler Ave. for a traffic violation.

The 26-year-old was taken into custody after a criminal background check showed he had a warrant out for his arrest.

While at the city jail, that is when authorities were able to link him to the child abandonment.

He was charged with two counts of Abandon and or Endangerment of a Child Immient Bodily Injury and for having an outstanding warrant.

Child Protective Services were called to the hotel. The children were eventually released to their mother who had been at work.