Children of dying woman get much needed monetary assistance

Victor Castillo, Spiritual Counselor at Selah Hospice Care in Weslaco

A Mission teenager is about to start 8th grade but he spends his days worried that his 31-year-old mom Beatriz will pass away after battling cancer for the majority of her life.

His grandmother is her caretaker but also in charge of paying the bills and putting food on the table which has become a trying task.

"This patient really stood out from the social side, medical side, and spiritual side and we knew the community would come through so we made a Call 4 Action because Action 4 News has always done this type of help for the community."

Victor Castillo, Spiritual Counselor at Selah Hospice Care in Weslaco bought the family groceries and helped get their power restored when it was shut off, before turning to Action 4..

Viewers responded immediately transferring and depositing into the families bank account which they are more than thankful for.

"This covers for Friday but their bill is over 700 dollars and they are also behind in several months of house payments and other resources they're lacking"

Luckily there has been an onslaught of support from individuals and local businesses so Selah will accept them at their offices in Weslaco to deliver to the family.

Right now, mom is resting peacefully with occasional doses of morphine while her children pray for one more day, one more opportunity to hear her voice.

"The children have no school supplies 12 and 14 year olds with no school supplies and also child custody and legal processes that need to take place pretty soon and those have costs and fees and charges."

Their grandma will take legal custody when their mother passes away. The humble family letting the valley into their home at a time when their lives are crumbling around them.

"Now they're in need but they have responded to other calls for action, they helped other families and they never thought they would be in this type of situation"

Donations can be made at any Wells Fargo under the name Jose L. Morales.

They can also be dropped off at Selah Hospice Care in Weslaco at 1001 Rone Dr.

The family is also in need of new school supplies and clothes for the two middle schoolers.

Luis is 13 years old and wears size 30X31 pants and needs blue polo style shirts in large.

His sister is 12 years old and wears size 12-14 (children's) in shirts and size 14 regular (children's) in pants.

Find detailed bank account information on Marcy's Facebook or Twitter page