Chinese buffet blames dirty inspection on customer who wanted free food

Hibachi Super Buffet on 4310 North 10th Street in McAllen scored the most demerits this week on Food 4 Thought with 38.

But management believes a customer called the health department on them because they would not give him free food.

"He got a shrimp and told me and said this shrimp is no good and I need to return the money, Michelle Xiaolingjing said.

I told him because he ate all of it already I can't return it for you. You've been eating here for 1 hour already, she added.

The violations discovered after the complaint appear to support the customer TMs reported concern. An inspector noted on the health report that the shrimp had an unusual smell. Two separate buffet stations for hot and cold foods were also found to be off-temperature, according to the report. The Food Patrol addressed the violations with the manager who then appeared to shift blame on to their food distributor. We ordered from a company, Michelle said. We don't make the food.

Why serve it if it had an usual smell? Action 4 TMs Ryan Wolf asked.

We don't know," she responded.

Dollar General on 6155 Standard Avenue in San Juan was shut down by the Hidalgo County Health Department due to a health hazard.

An inspector found a rat infestation inside the store along with bags that had been chewed open.

The store also had dead mice on the floor which left a foul odor, according to the report.

Ants and termites were also exposed.

Health and safety are top priorities for Dollar General and we are committed to taking the appropriate steps to ensure a clean and pleasant shopping experience for our customers, as well as a safe work environment for our employees, Crystal W. Ghassemi, a corporate spokesperson said.

We are working with the Hidalgo County Health Department to address and remedy the factors that led to the closing of the store. We hope to reopen this location within the next week.

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Weekly Low Performer List: (total # of demerits)

McAllenHibachi Super Buffet 4310 N 10th (38) *Off Temp Buffet Stations/Cross Contamination*

WeslacoTaco Landia 3900 E Hwy 83 (30) *Shutdown/Rat Feces/Particle Wood in Meat*

San JuanDollar General 6155 Standard Ave (20) *Shutdown/Rat Infestation/Gnawed Bags*

Weekly Top Performer List: (0 demerits)

EdinburgSubway at DHR 5501 S McCollWhataburger 1812 W UniversityDenny TMs 2301 W UniversityChurch TMs 1607 S McColl

AlamoPollito Chicken & Beef 715 Exp Frontage

PharrTaco Fiesta 1325 S Cage

San JuanTaqueria La Mexicana

HarlingenMr. Gatti TMs 1208 Exp 77Uncle Buck TMs Fish Bowl Grill 101 Bass Pro Dr.

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