Christmas Dinner for Under $20

A lot of spending happens during the holidays, from toys to clothes to electronics, gifts can take up most of your paycheck.

But what TMs left for food?

No worries, Action 4 went looking to get you the most bang for your buck.

Times are tough these days and feeding a family of four can get expensive but Walmart told us it is possible.

We've done the research, Tino Vidaurri, Store Manager at the Boca Chica Walmart in Brownsville. We figured it out, you can do that for under $20 dollar, a traditional turkey meal."

Vidaurri said that there are no coupons needed here, for under 20 bucks he guarantees a full Christmas feast.

You can do a Christmas turkey meal with the stuffing, the mashed potatoes, the corn, even include a cake with some frosting.

Sounded too good to be true so we put the store manager to the test.

Action 4 news did some shopping and found the biggest item on the list, a turkey at just under 10 dollars.

But we all know you can TMt have a meal without the trimmings.

So we hit aisle six in the hunt for a bargain and found mashed potatoes rolled back at $1.25, 96 cents for stuffing, 50 cents for some corn and no meal is complete without some rolls, priced at just four quarters.

But let TMs be honest for many the holidays aren TMt the holidays without some pie.

We found this pumpkin one at just under three bucks.

If you price it right you can get some two liter drinks for right around a dollar, said Vidaurri.

A real steal for just 84 cents, we took two of those.

The real test, adding these items up.

We ended up with a grand total of $18.37, that TMs a savings of $1.63, leaving you with some extra change in your pocket!