Christmas Mass brings out the true meaning of the holidays

Father Jose Torres led Christmas Mass at the Immaculate Conception Cathedral in Brownsville, Saturday, with dozens in attendance.

"It's something that you do not only on Christmas, but every Sunday," Rose Jaramillo said.

During the special Mass to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, Father Torres delivered a message letting all faithful followers know that Christmas is a day of hope and new beginnings.

"Jesus was born, Torres said.We no longer have to walk in darkness or in sin or a life that is meaningless. We have the light in Jesus Christ, the gospel, the good news telling us that now He walks amongst us."

For the Jaramillo family attending Christmas Day Mass is a tradition that dates back generations.

"It strengthens our religious beliefs and fortifies our lives," JL Jaramillo said.

Rose and JL Jaramillo are hoping to instill the traditional celebration in their son KJ, who also attended the Mass, so that he may grow up to be a man of faith.

"The best things that we have as a family are those that can TMt be wrapped pretty or put in a nice box but felt in the heart - which would be love," KJ Jaramillo said.

However, KJ Jaramillo wasn TMt the only youngster picking up on the deeper Christmas meanings.

Three-year-old Laura Elizabeth Guillen as many children also associates Christmas to Santa Clause and toys.

But despite her young age, the toddler was also paying close attention to Father Torre's Christmas message.

"Christmas means that everybody (is) happy when Santa comes and Christmas is all about love," the girl said.