Christmas miracle for Mission family that got 'grinched'

Leo Cavazos showed a picture of a guitar he bought for his son.

It's something he considered the perfect Christmas gift.

"It has three pick ups right here and you can easily switch them over and make different sounds with the guitar, said Cavazos.

Cavazos told Action 4 News that his son has been asking for the guitar for months.

put in extra hours at work and saved up some money to finally purchase the $700 dollar gift.

On the day the guitar was supposed to arrive, it disappeared.

"I tracked it on the twelfth of December and it turns out someone had signed for it at the post office, said Cavazos.

The signature was not his.

"I work hard for the money to be able to buy gifts for my son, said Cavazos. For someone to just come and take it like it TMs nothing is really hard."

He said, apparently, a woman named Sara Luna signed for the package and took off with the gift.

"This person was the Grinch That Stole Christmas from me and my kids," said Cavazos.

He said he has done everything he can to get the guitar back---filed a complaint"sent out e-mails"but was told he might not ever see the guitar again.

"It's scary when you know that anyone can go pick up an item that belongs to someone else and not have a problem with it, said Cavazos. They can just walk in and walk out|.no questions asked."

Cavazos said this Christmas was supposed to be special, because last year he was out of work and could not give his boys what they wanted. This year he was hoping to make up for that.

Action 4 News has been in contact with the United States Postal Service all day and they tell us they are working to resolve this issue.

Postal service employees reported that they were able to find the the package shortly after this story aired during the 6 p.m. news.