Christmas sales slump in downtown McAllen

While stores appear to be more crowded during the holiday shopping season, one small business owner in downtown McAllen says his business has seen far fewer sales.

Louis Levin just celebrated his 50 year anniversary since Amigo Stores Inc. opened in downtown McAllen back in 1962.

But this holiday season, Levin, now 82, says has been one of his worst.

"I TMm going to be off by about $15,000 for the month of December."

Historically August is Levin's busiest month with back to school shopping.

"November and December have been my worst month, Levin said. I did very good business all the way up to September."

But the decrease in holiday sales is a noticeable trend.

"And last year was less than the year before. The business is just not there," Levin said.

Levin says 85 to 90 percent of his customers come from across the border.

"We come for Christmas shopping," said a shopper from Tamaulipas.

"Everything here is cheaper and has better, more beautiful things, said another shopper.

But Levin says they are now coming with less money.

"The people are just not coming across and spending."

While big box stores like Wal-Mart use holiday discounts to make more sells, Levin says that doesn't mean the business makes more money.

"They may do more business but they have to lose more money, Levin said.

And as the big box stores gain more business stores like Amigo continue to see less.

He may be 82 years old but Levin says he doesn't plan to retire for another five years.