Christmas wish for family in Peitas

Rosalinda Morales has one Christmas wish for her 4-year-old daughter Alexandra Sandoval. Alexa suffers from a condition known as abnormal spinal deviation. "I want to be able to run like other kids," Alexa told Action 4 News. "I want to run like the birds." Morales noticed something was wrong when Alexa when she was 8-months old. "Her spine was popped out, her back didn't look normal," Morales recalled. After having Alexa looked at by the Hidalgo Health and Human Services Clinic, Morales found out her daughter would have to seek treatment for her abnormal spinal deviation at a specialized hospital. Alexa was referred to hospitals in Corpus Christi and Dallas but no one has been able to help her. Morales lives with her two daughters and baby boy in a trailer that includes a restroom, kitchen and bedroom smaller than a 12'x12' room. The Peitas mother said that she doesn't care about luxuries and is grateful to have the little things, she does have.Morales said her daughter's condition is getting worse. Alexa complains about her legs hurting and she's starting to notice a difference when she walks. "What I wish for... Is for someone to operate on her, here if possible, or see if someone could do anything for her, nothing else is important to me; not clothes, cars, health is what TMs important" Morales said. Alexa notices she is different from other kids her age but doesn't let that bother her as she continues living her life. The family is asking for help for 4-year-old Alexandria Sandoval.Anyone wishing to help the family is asked to call Action 4 Newsroom at (956) 366-4422 or email us at