Church group to oversee shelter for unaccompanied children in Dallas County

Judge Jenkins said Dallas County offer housing

Unaccompanied children are crossing at an alarming rate, and now many will be heading to Dallas.

"We cannot turn our back on these children that are already here," Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins said.

Judge Jenkins announced that Dallas County would be the first county in the state to offer housing.

Terry Henderson is in charge of disaster relief for the Texas Baptist Men.

He's been waiting an announcement like this for more than a month.

"I kind of had a heads up no matter where it was going to happen in Texas that we were going to be involved because we have already been involved along the border."

Back in May, Henderson received a call from Border Patrol.

Its detention centers were packed with more children than it could handle.

The Texas Baptist Men packed-up their portable showers and mobile laundry unit headed to Brownsville.

Henderson said he was shocked to see the number of children and heartbroken when they told him about their journey

"They tell you stories about how they were treated coming up here. They talk about falling off the buses and the trains. A lot of them were injured - they die on their way here."

There hasn't been a humanitarian effort of this size in Dallas since Katrina.

And in many ways Henderson said the operation will be similar with the one obvious difference.

This time it's all children but Henderson says the Texas Baptist men are ready to help.