Cinemark Movie Bistro now open to the public in Edinburg

Got a hot date? How about dinner and a movie?

There's an all new movie theater in Edinburg where you can get both at the same time.

They'll even deliver your food right to your seat before the movie starts.

Cinemark Movie bistro in Edinburg has finally opened their doors to the public after a long awaited period.

Bryan Jeffries, marketing director for Cinemark, said company took over the once empty movie theater and gave it new life.

All we've heard since we TMve been in town is we TMve been watching this space for so long and now it TMs finally here, Jeffries said.

What makes this new six-screen theater different is that the movie-goer no longer has to settle for popcorn and a drink.

Here, the menu is as extensive as your typical restaurant featuring pizzas, sandwiches, wraps, quesadillas and tacos as well as a full bar.

Here TMs a chance that you don TMt even have to stop, Jeffries said. You can get everything that you normally would be stopping to get and stopping to eat.

The experience can start with a simple click of a button.

You can go ahead and pick out your seat, Jefferies said. If you don TMt want to do it on-line, you can actually come to the theater and do that but either way you will have a reserved seat waiting for you."

Cinemark Movie Bistro is located at the Trenton Crossroads Plaza off Trenton and Jackson Roads in Edinburg.