Citations up with game fish bounty

Texas Parks and Wildlife game wardens said that for the past few weeks they TMve handing out an unusually high number of citations to fishermen taking home undersized or just too many fish.

Fishermen like Carlos Iracheta have been experiencing some good days on the Laguna Madre and Boca Chica Beach.

Iracheta said the jetties on Boca Chica Beach have been a gold mine for fishermen.

"Me and my cousin went Monday - a lot of trout - a lot, Iracheta said. Between me and my cousin we took 20 but the limit is 10 (for him) and 10 for me."

But these days, TPW Game Warden James Dunks said, Iracheta might be one of very few fishermen playing by the rules.

"We're issuing quite a few citations for over the limit, daily bag limits, oversized red drum, no fishing license, Dunks said. We're just busy over here " (they TMre) working us right now.

Some Action 4 Viewers even sent in photos of over the limit catch.

But, the game wardens said they are onto them.

Some fishermen know that getting busted with more fish than legally allowed can equal a hefty fine.

"I would just stick to the limit, the fisherman said. I TMve gotten tickets in the past and I mean they're not too good."

Other fishermen said TPW should consider making some fishing limit exceptions especially after the recent winter blast.