Cities prepares for hurricane season

The city of Edinburg may be 75 miles from the coastline, but city leaders are preparing the community for heavy rains and strong winds.

While the city of Edinburg, and every city in the valley has personnel to handle logistics when a disaster strikes, they need help from every citizen to keep the community safe.

In effort to prepare for large amounts of rain that typically accompany a tropical storm or hurricane, city crews picked up debris from neighborhoods across Edinburg Friday.

During recent spring rain storms, trash has proved to be a problem.

"We had a beach ball stuck in one of our channels, and it just clogged it up, and the whole subdivision was under water but we finally got it out and the water just drained away, Edinburg Public Works Director Ponciano Longoria said.

Make sure you comb your lawns for pieces trash, candy wrappers or pieces of plastic.

If trash bunches together, it can get caught in drainage systems and possibly flood your neighborhood.

In a hurricane preparation conference Friday, local officials urged citizens to take care of their property well before storms forms.

"We have to send someone out there to remove that so now we are putting someone in danger and safety is a big factor so call us and we will take care of it before the storm, Longoria said.

"Don't wait until we get notice from our meteorologist that an impending storm is on its way, Edinburg solid waste director Ramiro Gomez said.

If an evacuation is ordered, police say their biggest challenge will be traffic.

"Barricades are put up for a reason, it for peoples safety and if they ignore the barricades they are putting themselves in danger, Chad Dufner said.

"With hurricanes, we have plenty of advanced notice so we shouldn't have any loss of life, DPS Commander John Rodriguez said.

If you see something in your neighborhood that could become a potential hazard during after heavy rains, contact your city's public works department.

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