Citizenship Graduation Ceremony held in San Juan

Special graduation ceremony was held in San Juan Monday night, the event, made possible through the La Union Del Pueblo Entero organization or LUPE.

It was all smiles and cheers inside LUPE headquarters as over two dozen people were officially made the journey to become a United States citizens.

Martha Sanchez with LUPE says, "We have a program here in LUPE that we prepare people to become citizens."

Guests of honor at Monday nights graduation ceremony included Congressman Ruben Hinojosa and State Representative Armando Martinez.

Representative Martinez tells Action 4 News, "They've worked so hard to have a better life and this is exactly what they wanted."

Especially for those graduates like Lucila Carrasco, originally from Rio Bravo in Mexico.

Carrasco tells Action 4 News, "I feel very happy." These graduates will be able to do something they've never done before and that is to vote as a United States citizen.

Carrasco says, "I can vote in the next elections so I feel very good." While this is only the beginning of a these graduates new journey, it did take sometime to get here.

Congressman Ruben Hinojosa tells Action 4 News, "It takes hard work it takes great persistence it takes great tenacity to be able to learn all that is required of our government of our country to speak English to be able to understand why we fight for freedom.

Representative Martinez says, "Their dream has become a reality, there is so much opportunity for them."

Something Lucila Carrasco is doing one day at a time.

Carrasco says, "Right now I TMm studying at UTPA because I want to become a Spanish teacher."

Anyone wanting more information about this program can contact the LUPE organization at (956) 787-2233.

LUPE was founded in 1989 by labor rights activist Cesar Chavez.