City and homeowner disagreeing on sewage clean up efforts

Every day, three times a day, Steve Trejo has to pick up his cooking pot and walked over to a hole he had someone dig in the yard.

It could take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour for him to get the sewage water out of the whole. It is something he said that he has to do in order for his family to have clean water in the toilets, washing machine, and shower.

"We had to wash clothes at my mom's house yesterday because everything runs back into the shower."

Trejo told Action 4 News he tried fixing the sewer back up in the past but nothing seemed to work. "I think we've gone through a couple of thousand dollars to get the problem fixed, Trejo said. I don't think you can fix it---it just keeps happening over and over."

Trejo even went as far as asking the City of Edinburg for help|.he believed it was their problem.

But he said the city told him it was not their problem.

"They say I TMm responsible all the way to the main line, Trejo explained. That doesn't make sense---why should I be responsible for something that is going away from my house?"

Action 4 News contacted the City of Edinburg and they told us that anything from the main line to someone TMs home is out of their hands.

City officials said they did run a scope through Trejo TMs pipe to figure out what the problem was and discovered that grease buildup is the cause of the sewage backing up.

City officials said they have notified Trejo on three separate occasions that the clog up is his responsibility.