City clears Weslaco police chief of wrongdoing

Weslaco City Manager Leo Olivares / File Photo

An internal investigation into alleged wrongdoing by Weslaco's police chief has ended.

Weslaco City Manager Leo Olivares held a Wednesday afternoon press conference to announce he has cleared Chief Juan Sifuentes of neglect of duty and unsatisfactory performance.

The city TMs police union made the claims that Sifuentes failed to follow procedure during an armed robbery he witnessed last month.

The robbery happened on September 16th at the La Joya Area Federal Credit Union.

The police pushed for the chief's removal claiming he was at the scene of the robbery and failed to stop or follow the robbers, who remain at large.

City Manager Olivares said he has complete faith in the city's top cop.

"This allegation was not made by anyone with first-hand knowledge, Olivares said. It was just an attorney with one of two police unions."

The city has said the case against the chief is now closed.