City leaders join fight to save UTPA's mascot

Among budget and zoning was an item that stuck out on the City of Edinburg's agenda.

A consideration to pass a resolution supporting UTPA's mascot -- the Bronc -- named Bucky.

"There's a petition with over 3,000 signatures," said one commissioner.

Even before the resolution was fully read for approval, commissioners started letting their decision be known that they will back the current mascot as this college and UT-Brownsville merge to become UTRGV.

"We don't want them to take the mascot away," said a city commissioner.

And a majority of them are alumni of the university that sits just yards away from this building.

"It's been part of the tradition since 1927 and we're receiving several calls from people to preserve the Bronc, " said Edinburg City Manager Ramiro Garza.

Obviously alumni have the power to reach out to UTRGV, but don't forget about the current students who are letting their voices be heard.

"My parents graduated from UTPA," student Michael Aguilar said.

Not only is he a student at UTPA, but he's covering the "Save Bucky" campaign as a reporter.

"People are saying they want Bucky to stay because UTB is younger when it comes to it's history," Aguilar added.

City leaders say it's not just their community who wants this important part of their history preserved but their sentiments span across the valley.