City leaders solving unemployment issues

Cameron County Judge Carlos Cascos credits former Governor Ann Richards for highlighting the Valley.

"The front door is not there the front door is the valley," Judge Cascos said

He said she recognized the economic importance of the Rio Grande Valley early on.

To keep that message alive, Texas Workforce Solutions in Cameron County gathered with mayors from across the county to discuss opportunities available to them.

"The job seeker and the future worker making sure that we are developing strategies to our high schools community colleges and technical schools that provide education and training opportunities to prepare individuals for opportunities that are being created," Texas Workforce Chairman, Andres Alcantar.

State, city and local leaders focused on key issues affecting job creation and education.

"We have to develop the educational system that eventually is going to transcend into good paying jobs, Judge Cascos said

Sadly, many lack the education, Workforce Solutions Executive Director Pat Hobbs told Action 4 News 40 percent of the people living in Cameron County do not graduate from high school.

The stats are alarming, so leaders said the focus shifts to our future leaders- students in high school and middle school.

Judge Cascos also touted the Space X project saying it would provide 650 jobs. Unfortunately the valley doesn't have the type of workforce to accommodate 650 jobs.

"It is very likely that most of the higher end paying jobs most of the will go to people outside the valley and that is okay for now," Judge Cascos

The judge said those migrating for new job positions would be helping the economy grow.

Together they want to create the environment the valley needs.

Judge Cascos believes regionalism is the key issue in moving the county forward.

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