City looks for funding to fill plague of potholes

They TMre deep and noticeable on the roadway.

San Juan resident like Iris Lara say it TMs time the potholes are fixed once and for all.

They are just patching them up, we don TMt need patches, Lara said. They need to reconstruct the whole road.

Lara lives on a street near Sioux road and avoids the street like a plague.

I can TMt even come in here where I live, I have to go all the way around to other side, she said.

San Juan city manager J.J. Rodriguez said he agrees some of the roads are terrible.

A reason city workers are out this week filling the holes.

It TMs an alternative at this point, he said. I don TMt think it TMs a good alternative but we are doing everything we can to make the roads driveable.

The potholes cause damage to cars, traffic congestion and create a safety hazard as frustrated drivers look for alternative routes to avoid the holes.

Two of the worst roads, Sioux Road and El Dora, would combines cost around $5 million dollars to completely reconstruct according to Rodriguez.

With a yearly city budget of $9 million, it TMs a cost the city cannot afford.

We certainly can use some city money, but we need to see if there is any other funding out there we can benefit from, Rodriguez said.

Rodriguez said he and the city commission have taken steps to contact state and national representatives for the region, in hopes of getting money to make the repairs.

He couldn TMt however, give a time table of when any construction could be expected to be started.

He said the city does not have an estimate on how much money is needed to repair all the roads that are damaged.

An answer many residents like Lara are tired of hearing.

Quit telling me you're working on it. We as citizens are tired of waiting year after year, Lara said.

The city commission made a list of the damaged roads this summer and prioritized which roads need repairs first.

Rodriguez added that the city will most likely look to expand many of the roads that are repaired because of population growth.