City manhole spews human waste, toilet paper and used condoms into yards

What goes down in one Harlingen neighborhood is coming up in some of their yards.

The sewer backs up every time there is significant rain.

Lucy Jaramillo and her neighbor Mary Flores live off South 1st Street in Harlingen and for several years have been dealing with pools of bacteria filled sewage.

It spills into their driveways and creeps closer to their homes each time and the slush is filled with toilet paper and used condoms coming.

The human waste coming from theirs and their neighbors toilets is now seeping from the street into their yards where it sits for days and weeks.

"The smell is so bad. I have a beautiful yard and I can't even come out here because of the smell," said Lucy.

The smell permeates their homes and the sewage has even backed into their own toilets and even showers.

"I almost missed work. I had to take a 2 minute shower and I kept looking down at the hole to see if it was coming up," said Mary.

In addition to making the families sick to their stomach, the situation has made them desperate for help which is why they called Action 4 News.

"The city doesn't do anything about it."

We let the city know just exactly what was floating around this neighborhood and in minutes Harlingen WaterWorks crews and Public Works responded.

Although appreciative, Lucy and Mary say cleaning up the globs of toilet paper, stool and other washed up materials is only a temporary solution until the next big downpour which is just around the corner.

Harlingen WaterWorks administrators tell us there is no permanent solution at this time and that this is a "pure act of nature" when the sewer backs up because of the rain water.

Lucy and Mary are not satisfied with that answer, and frankly, neither are we so Action 4 News will continue to try to find a way for them to live without that issue.

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