City of Elsa's new paid internship program helps students get 'real world' experience

The city of Elsa's new Economic Development Corporation Youth Empowerment Program allows high school students to work for one of the city's entities for minimum wage.

The city of Elsa kicked off its new Youth Empowerment Program during the second week of May.

From mid-May to the end of July, 13 high school students will work 15 hours at one of the city's entities and get paid minimum wage.

"We wanted a program that will keep the kids busy over the summer, a chance to earn a little bit of money," said Elsa’s Marketing Director Jessica Garza. "Some of them are graduating this year,so, extra dollars to go to college and buy books to start their semester."

Elsa had a similar program under the Job Training Partnership Act of 1982--- a law enacted to establish federal assistance programs to prepare youth and unskilled adults for entry into the labor force, and to provide job training to economically disadvantaged and other individuals facing serious barriers to employment.

But when the law was changed in 1998, Elsa’s program died out.

Now the city is trying to start up the new Economic Development Corporation Youth Empowerment Program.

"It's great," said Edcouch-Elsa high school student Lexy Moreno. "It opens up opportunities for people who want to work, for kids that want to work. It's great for families with low income, it gives them the opportunity to grow.”

Garza said the city is hoping to get the funds so more students will be able to participate in the program next year.

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