City of McAllen assessing storm's damage

Since the first signs of hail Thursday evening, McAllen city workers have been on the clock non-stop making sure each and every citizen TMs concerns are addressed and needs are met.

One of the biggest concerns they say residents are already facing is the cost of cleanup.

Many of the people affected do not have insurance, meaning the repairs would come out of pocket.

Asst. City Manager Pilar Rodriguez told Action 4 News that McAllen Mayor Richard Cortez did issue a local disaster declaration, but assessments have to be done before any federal or state money can be handed out.

"Part of our damage assessment is to determine the dollar amount to the residential areas and to tap into some of those state and federal monies." said Rodriguez.

Rodriguez said city workers are going around McAllen counting the homes and businesses that have been impacted by the storm.

They're then taking down the dollar amount and imputing those numbers into a computer.

Once the assessments are done, they will send the numbers off and wait for a verdict on whether or not the area will receive assistance.

If you have any questions about damage you can call 681-1300 or 681-1900.

Rodriguez added that 3/4 of the city saw heavy to severe damage.