City takes swift action to clean storm drain after Action 4 News report

Eva Bouchot says her family is elated to see the results following a Call 4 Action that dealt with flooding concerns at her home.

She says for the first time in years, the nagging headache associated with a city storm drain located in the backyard of her Brownsville home has subsided.

"They made good on a promise," she said about the city.

A Call 4 Action last Tuesday exposed the area behind her Johnson Street home wasn't properly maintained by the city.

The storm drain was clogged as a result.

Eva said her family's home repeatedly flooded during heavy rain even after cries to the city for help.

The storm drain, once barely visible, can now clearly be seen.

"I didn't even know it looked like that... and I've been living here for 20 years," Eva said.

But Eva knows the problems can return if the city TMs action turns out to be just a band aid fix.

Jeff Johnston, assistant city manager in Brownsville, says that's not the case.

He's been leading the charge to clean up since Action 4 News contacted him.

He says numerous departments have been working together including legal.

That's because letters must be mailed out to nearly two dozen homes with fences that block the city drainage easement.

Jeff says they need the access to properly maintain the area.

Eva's fence sits off the easement and nearly 10 feet back from the rest of her neighbors.

"With Action 4 News in our corner I think things are going to be done," Eva said.

Letters should be mailed out in the next few weeks to try and work out arrangements with each of the property owners in question, according to Jeff.

He says the city is glad to help resolved the drainage issue and hopes others with similar concerns will reach out.

His office at City Hall can be reached by contacting (956) 548-6007.

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