Claims of mold at Valley Baptist Medical Center in Brownsville

Gracie Moya and Maria Gonzalez brought their mother to Valley Baptist Medical Center in Brownsville last week after she had a stroke, hoping for the best possible medical care.

Instead, they say their family has endured constant problems with staff and deplorable conditions.

"I asked one of the nurses that was taking care of my mother, can you tell me what's that up on the ceiling, said Maria Gonzalez.

Is that mold and she said oh yes but that's nothing. We have leaks where the actual water comes through on the ICU pathway.

Their mother's health took a turn for the worse and she is now on life support.

The family partially blames the condition of the hospital and the care their mother received for her setback.

"At first her breathing was steady and she was doing fine, said Gonzalez.

Gracie and Maria showed Action 4 News the pictures they took of the hospital rooms. They show what appears to be black mold and a leak in the ceiling.

They said once they reported the problems, instead of hospital staff transferring their sick mother to another room, the roof was worked on using chemicals while their mother remained in her bed.

"Customer service was horrible, said Gonzalez.

The doctor is very cold hearted, very uncompassionate, like he didn TMt care. To us it seemed like ok hurry this up, get her out of her, she's taking our space.

Action 4 News contacted VBMC Brownsville Administrators who confirmed via a statement that there was a leak in the room and it was reviewed by their engineer.

However they didn't confirm nor deny the existence of mold in the room.

A spokesperson did say the hospital undergoes rigorous inspections.

Even knowing about removal of the wet ceiling tile, the women say they will never return to Valley Baptist Medical Center and are saddened that their mother is spending what could be the last days of her life in one of their hospital rooms.

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