Claims of voter fraud in Alton

Action 4 News received calls about possible voter irregularities in the city of Alton.

The claims said dozens of people were registered to vote all with the same two home addresses.

Twenty-four individuals were registered at candidate Jose Picasso's home, who's a candidate for Mayor.

Eight others were registered at candidate Vidal Farias' home.

He's running for commissioner.

"We are reviewing the whole roster list to see if there are any other discrepancies," said Baudelia Rojas, Alton city secretary.

Those registered in each household have different last names, something city officials believe is suspicious.

"There may be some other addresses that have the same thing, but it's too early to tell," said Rojas.

Action 4 News reached out to the candidates for answers.

The candidates wouldn't go on camera about the issue, but Picasso claims he's running a clean campaign.

Other than that, Picasso wouldn't go into details, and Farias's wife said there's a legitimate reason why there are 8 people registered at the candidate's home.

As for the votes from those registered at the candidates' homes, "We will allow them to vote, but it will be through provisional," said Rojas.

This means they'll be voting on paper ballots, and the Hidalgo County elections department will have the last say in what happens to those votes.

The city also said that they are investigating whether there are more voters registered at other candidate's homes.