Cleaning up Hidalgo County one recycling bin at a time

It only takes a few minutes to drop in a piece of paper or glass container into a recycling bin.

Environmental Investigator Alvin Patina said Hidalgo County's Precinct 3 invested in recycling trailers about three years ago to help cut down on illegal dumping.

Patina said while patrolling rural Hidalgo County he would notice most of the trash, that was illegally dumped, could have been recycled.

"You're looking at 80 to 90 percent that could be recycled," Patina said.

Every week Patina goes and picks up these trailers at several locations in Precinct 3.

He hooks the trailer to his truck and heads to the McAllen Recycling Center. Inside the center there is a massive recycling operation taking place.

Patina said the entire process take about 45 minutes"but is well worth the wait.

"Our landfills will remain opened longer, Patina said. It only takes one aluminum can run your television for five hours."

Precinct 3 Constable Larry Gallardo said now that they see the recycling program works they want to expand it into the colonials.

"We want to now go into the colonials in our precinct and get them on board, Gallardo said. We're going to start a real big effort in the next month."

Gallardo said he hopes, by making an effort; they can get these illegal dumpsites cleaned up